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Find below the two latest news and prayer entrees from us.  Other past ones can be found by clicking the NEWS AND PRAYER tab above.  Though we’re not daily bloggers you’ll find new communications from us at least once each month.

Explore around and you can find:

  • Info about Laurie and I
  • Gary’s story of getting gripped by Christ — which started this whole journey we’re on!
  • Info on our family
  • Various stories and more in-depth information about our lives and work in Rwanda

There is much here to help supporters and our church missions committees to know and keep up with us in Rwanda.

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Scheers’ Rwanda Update — January 2015

Click JANUARY 2015 to read this update:

  • Eight years in the making — it’s here!
  • Always an adventure!
  • CLIR — this is it — it’s begun!
  • Special tribute to Tim Brubaker
  • Wisdom from Rwanda:
    What do you cook over a bonfire?

Scheers’ Rwanda Update — November 2014

Click NOVEMBER 2014 to read this update:

We’re coming to the end of 2014 and we’re finishing WELL.  Here’s what’s in this UPDATE:

  • The “AAA” of Rwanda
  • Those Alaskans really work!
  • CLIR — students from 6 countries in Africa
  • The hand-off:  after 25 years of Team leadership in Rwanda
  • And then there’s Wisdom from Rwanda:
    Who is better than the one who helps when you ask?
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