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Pastoral Training SchoolNinety percent of pastors in Rwanda have never completed secondary school. Thus, there is a huge need to provide solid biblical and pastoral education to this multitude of church leaders. The Pastoral Training School (PTS) at NCM seeks to meet this need. The PTS is a four-year non-residential program. Pastors from all over Rwanda, Southern Uganda, and Burundi come to NCM’s facility four times per year for three weeks at a time. During those three-week sessions, they are challenged with courses on Scripture, ministry, and theology. Their studies continue while they are in their homes, as they implement assignments in their churches – including developing children’s programs, small groups ministries, and cultivating strong leadership teams. Throughout the year, NCM’s staff visits pastors in their homes and churches to assist in the implementation of learning. Additionally, every year these pastors’ wives come to NCM’s campus in Kigali for a week of training and discipleship.