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Tim Brubaker (Director)

Tim has been working with NCM since 2004.  He and his wife Jessica have four children and are missionaries with WorldVenture.  Prior to coming to Rwanda, he served on the pastoral staff of a church near Chicago, Illinois, in the United States of America.  His passion is to work closely with Christian leaders in order to help them better understand God’s purpose and design for their lives, increasingly embrace the kind of life to which they are called, and have the knowledge, skills, and character to lead the people of God to fulfill His purposes for them.

Mark Bitiriki

Mark Bitiriki (Business Manager)

Mark has been working with NCM since May 2005.  He and his wife Elizabeth have seven children and five grandchildren.  Mark was a founding member of NCM in 1992.  He is a member of his church’s leadership council and leader of the men’s ministry.  Previous to working with NCM he taught English and worked in various Rwandan business settings.  Mark particularly loves the environment of working at NCM – the friendship, collaboration, and sharing of Scripture that characterizes office life.  He is always ready and willing to lend a hand in whatever tasks to help NCM accomplish its goals.  

Gary Bennett

Gary Bennett (Construction & Agricultural Demonstration)

Gary has been working with NCM in a support role since its inception in 1992. He and his wife Barbara have two daughters and are missionaries with WorldVenture.  Gary helps oversee construction projects and leads NCM’s agricultural demonstration area. He is excited to be a part of NCM and see what God is doing in the lives of the students.

Bridget Howard

Bridget Howard (English Teacher)

A member of Africa Inland Mission International, Bridget has been seconded to NCM since 2012. Before coming to Rwanda she was involved in various teaching ministries in Zaire/RD Congo and (for a short time) in Kenya which included teaching missionaries’ children, Zairian secondary pupils and Congolese student teachers of EFL, as well as serving as a school principle and school inspector. After evacuating from Zaire at the outbreak of war she spent 5 years in administration at the international office of AIM in Bristol, England. She speaks French, Swahili, a little Lingala and is attempting Kinyarwanda. At NCM she is supervising and teaching the general English courses which are in demand due to Rwanda becoming an Anglophone nation. She is passionate about teaching English to equip Christians for ministry in their new Anglophone context.

Eric Flaa (Counseling Ministries

Eric first moved to Rwanda in 2004.  After one year volunteering with NCM, he returned to the USA to pursue his Masters degree in counseling.  Now, as a licensed counselor in the State of Colorado, he works with NCM to both provide counseling services and to train pastors and church leaders in counseling skills.

Joseph Muyombano

Joseph Muyombano (Teacher & NCM Chaplain)

Joseph has been working NCM since 2008. He and his wife Beatrice have 5 daughters, and he has served as a pastor since 1984, having planted churches in Kamonyi (south), Ngoma (east), and Nyarugenge (Kigali). He is working with NCM as Pastor to the Pastors. His burden is to help train pastors in order to cultivate godly habits and increasingly serve God as those who build the church. Additionally, it is his desire to see Rwandan churches embrace the burden to disciple their members.

Jean Bosco Nsanzimana

Jean Bosco Nsanzimana (Teacher)

Jean Bosco has been working with NCM since 2010 as a teacher in the Pastoral Training School. He and his wife Jeannine have nine children and are members of the Pentecostal Church of Rwanda (ADEPR). From 2003 to 2012, he served his local church as a deacon. From 2007 to 2011, he taught at Institut Biblique de Genève in Rwanda and at Rwanda Institute of Evangelical Theology. Since 2012, he has served as the pastor of Nyarugenge (Kigali) International Chapel, in charge of the Bible teaching and preaching ministry. His passion is to be highly transformed by the word of God himself so that his life inspires those he is training in Bible and theology to passionately pursue God through Bible study. Moreover, he is interested in equipping both Rwandan church leaders and theologian educators in order to strengthen evangelical church leadership and theological education.

Gaudiose Mukakalisa

Gaudiose Mukakalisa (Children’s Ministry)

Gaudiose began working with NCM in June 2009. She and her family love Jesus – and children! That is the reason why Gaudiose and her husband Bosco both serve as Sunday School teachers. Gaudiose teaches within NCM’s Pastoral Training School, working with pastors to develop children’s ministries. Additionally she teaches parents about the need for nurturing their children in the Lord. Her passions are to teach children so that they follow Jesus and to train the teachers of children.

Nick Pirolo (Teacher)

Nick moved to Rwanda with his wife Krystal and two daughters in January 2016.  Nick is passionate about teaching the Word of God and discipling Christian leaders.  After spending a solid year learning Kinyarwanda, he will begin teaching in the Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda.

Dan Janzen

Dan Janzen (Teacher)

Dan has been working with NCM since 2011. He, his wife Rachel, and their two boys are missionaries with WorldVenture. Prior to coming to Rwanda, he served as an Associate Pastor to Youth and Children in Arizona, in the United States of America. As a practitioner, his passion is to see the Rwandan church function in ways that honor God and His design for His church. This includes developing children’s and youth ministry that will effectively work in the local church context and life-on-life mentoring with pastors that involves both character qualities and practical skills for leading their churches… all for the glory of God!

Rachel Janzen

Rachel Janzen (Librarian)

Rachel has been working with NCM since 2011. She, her husband Dan, and their two boys are missionaries with WorldVenture. Rachel worked in the library at Wheaton College during her time there and this has proved to be an invaluable experience as she has transitioned to be the librarian at the NCM library. Her passion revolves around providing an effective atmosphere where our students can learn and understand who God is and how he is calling them to lead their churches.

Christine Rutayisire (Administrative Support)

Christine has been a friend of NCM for many years.  However, in 2014, she joined NCM’s staff as the Director’s Administrative Assistant and providing administrative support to the WorldVenture missionary team.  She is an expert in balancing many responsibilities.

Loots Lambrechts

Loots Lambrechts (Preach the Word)

Loots Lambrechts, his wife Nancy, and their three kids have been living in Rwanda since 2010. Loots and Nancy are AIM missionaries working in partnership with NCM. Loots and his Rwandan co-worker and friend Determine have pioneered a training course in Kigali called “Preach the Word” (PTW).

Determine Dusabyumuremyi

Determine Syldio Dusabyumuremyi (Preach the Word)

Determine has been working with NCM since 2012, serving alongside his partner Loots Lambrechts in the Preach the Word program. Prior to serving within NCM, Determine was the national director of Groupe Biblique Universitaire (GBU).