Eric FlaaEric Flaa

In 2004, Eric spent a year in Rwanda, volunteering with NCM. Afterwards, he went back to the US to pursue his Masters degree in counseling, with a desire to return to Rwanda. Now, as a counselor licensed in the state of Colorado, he works with NCM to provide counseling services and also to train pastors and church leaders in counseling skills. In 2017, Eric took on the role of Deputy Director of NCM, assisting the director in the planning and implementation of NCM programs and policies.

Mark BitirikiMark Bitiriki
(Business Manager)

Mark was a founding member of NCM in 1992 and has been working with NCM since 2005. Mark is a member of his church’s leadership council and leader of the men’s ministry. Prior to working with NCM he taught English and worked in various Rwandan business settings. Mark particularly loves the environment of working at NCM – the friendship, collaboration, and sharing of Scripture that characterizes office life. He is always ready and willing to lend a hand in whatever tasks will help NCM accomplish its goals. He and his wife Elizabeth have seven children and eight grandchildren.

Joseph MuyombanoJoseph Muyombano
(PTS Director)

Joseph has been working with NCM since 2008 and thrives in his role as Pastor to the Pastors and Director of PTS. He has been in ministry since 1984, when he began planting churches in Kamonyi (south), Ngoma (east) and Nyarugenge (Kigali). He also spent fourteen years in the leadership of various NGOs, including Campus Crusade Rwanda and the Interfaith Comity of Nyarugenge District. His burden is to train pastors to cultivate godly habits and increasingly serve God through building the Church. Additionally, he desires to see Rwandan churches truly disciple their members. Joseph has a MA in Theological Studies and is a candidate for a Doctorate of Philosophy in Systematic Theology at Atlantic International University. He and his wife Beatrice have five daughters.

Jean Baptiste TuyishimireJean Baptiste Tuyishimire

Jean Baptiste has served as a pastor and a church planter since 1992 and has been connected with NCM since 2008. He joined the staff team in 2016 and serves as a teacher in PTS. He continues to be an active member within the Bibleway Baptist Churches of Rwanda. His heart is to see people become true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, forming healthy, reproducing New Testament churches in and around Rwanda. Jean Baptiste and his wife Beatrice have five children.

Jean Bosco NsanzimanaJean Bosco Nsanzimana

Jean Bosco joined the NCM teaching staff in 2010, working with both PTS and CLIR. From 2007 to 2011, he taught at Institut Biblique de Genève in Rwanda and at Rwanda Institute of Evangelical Theology. Since 2012, he has been serving Nyarugenge (Kigali) International Chapel as a pastor. His passion is to be deeply transformed by the Word of God so that his life inspires others. He also desires to develop highly trained potential theologians in order to promote both Rwandan theological education and church leadership. Jean Bosco and his wife Jeannine have nine children and are members of the Pentecostal Church of Rwanda (ADEPR).

Dan JanzenDan Janzen

Dan has been working with NCM since 2011 and is a missionary with WorldVenture. Prior to coming to Rwanda, he served as an Associate Pastor to Youth and Children in Arizona. Dan is always seeking to connect spiritual truths with practical life application. He currently teaches practical ministry courses in CLIR, co-directs the agricultural program for PTS and mentors a large children’s ministry staff at his local church. He can often be heard saying, “Good theology is practical theology” as the Scriptures directly affect every part of our lives and relationships.

Nick PiroloNick Pirolo

Nick serves with CLIR and is passionate about teaching the Word of God and discipling Christian leaders. He received a BA from an Assemblies of God university and a Masters of Divinity from a Conservative Baptist seminary. He has also been on staff at an urban Presbyterian Korean church, as well as a rural non-denominational church. In 2016, Nick moved to Rwanda with his wife Krystal and their two daughters. He appreciates being able to work with Rwandan staff and students from many different backgrounds and denominations, with the goal of seeing each individual and each church be equipped and mature in Christ.

Bridget HowardBridget Howard
(ESS Director)

A member of Africa Inland Mission International, Bridget was secunded to NCM in 2012. Before moving to Rwanda, she served with AIM in Zaire / RD Congo, Kenya, as well as at the international office in Bristol, England. Her extensive teaching experience includes missionary children, as well as Congolese secondary school pupils and student teachers of English as a Foreign Language.. Bridget speaks French, Swahili, a little Lingala and is attempting Kinyarwanda. At NCM, Bridget is teaching PTS English classes, the CLIR Academic Writing Course and general English courses. She is also evaluating CLIR applicants’ ability to study English at degree level. Bridget is passionate about teaching English to equip Christians for ministry in their new Anglophone context.

Gaudiose MukakalisaGaudiose Mukakalisa
(Children’s Ministry)

Gaudiose began working with NCM in 2009. She teaches with PTS, working with pastors to develop children’s ministries as well as training those who teach children. She also works with parents, helping them understand the importance of nurturing their children in the Lord. In addition, Gaudiose leads a weekly ministry for children who live in the neighborhoods surrounding NCM. Wherever she goes, she sees children who others might overlook and takes time to talk with and pray for them. Gaudiose has four boys and both she and her husband Bosco serve as Sunday School teachers in their local church. Her heart is to disciple youth who will love Jesus and who will serve Him in their churches and communities.

Erin PowellErin Powell

Erin is focused on encouraging the Rwandan Church to reach and include people with disabilities. In partnering with NCM, she has specifically focused on educating and training church leaders to help Rwandans with disabilities hear/see the Gospel, be discipled and be challenged to use their spiritual gifts. She also works to encourage the Rwandan Deaf Church. Erin became interested in special education at an early age and went on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Masters in Reading. She taught special education in the US for seven years and spent a year and a half working in Uganda before coming to Rwanda in 2015. Her desire is for the Rwandan Church to have God’s heart for people with disabilities.

Determine Syldio DusabyumuremyiDetermine Syldio Dusabyumuremyi
(PTW Director)

Determine began working with the PTW program in 2012 and in 2017 became the director of the program. Prior to serving within NCM, he was the national director of Groupe Biblique Universitaire (GBU). Determine loves to dig deep into what Scripture says and how it ought to change the way we think, teach and live. He is married to Florence Byukusenge.

Daniel LedamaDaniel Ledama

Ledama has been partnering with NCM since 2016, when he began teaching in PTW. Prior to this, he served as a staff member at GBUR (Groupe Biblique Universitaire du Rwanda) for two years and later trained at the Cornhill Training Course in London. In 2017, he helped to plant Gospel Community Church, which seeks to be a Gospel-centered, discipleship focused community.

Christine Muyisenge RutayisireChristine Muyisenge Rutayisire
(Director’s Assistant)

Christine has been a friend of NCM for many years, teaching Kinyarwanda to WorldVenture missionaries since 2006. In 2014, she joined NCM’s staff as the Director’s Administrative Assistant; she also provides administrative support to the WorldVenture missionary team. Christine is an expert in balancing many responsibilities. She and her husband Joe have three kids and attend Evangelical Restoration Church, where she is a worship leader. She loves to serve missionaries by using the different skills God has given her.

 width=Laura Pearce
(Project Manager)

Laura joined the NCM staff team in 2017 and assists with strategic planning for the organization, as well as managing various projects which impact NCM as a whole. She spent her high school years as a missionary kid in Papua New Guinea. After receiving a Bachelors in Business Administration, she went on to help establish a nonprofit that serves kids from her hometown of Mankato, Minnesota. Laura loves to use her behind-the-scenes gifts to serve the Church and to leave things better than when she found them.