What We Do

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Ninety percent of pastors in Rwanda have never completed secondary school. As a result, there is a huge need for biblical pastoral education. The Pastoral Training School at NCM was developed to meet this need and to do so in Kinyarwanda, the language that speaks to these pastors’ hearts.

The purpose of CLIR is to provide a transformational discipleship-based education that will train Christian leaders to think clearly about Scripture, to be grounded in their Christian faith and to be able to fulfill the calling that God has upon their lives.

NCM’s children’s ministry is focused on ensuring that there will be a future generation of Christian leaders who love Jesus and honor God’s Word.

Preach the Word is a two year course in expository Bible reading and teaching. However, it is more than just a training program – it is a family with a strong emphasis on discipleship and living life alongside the students.

The English program at NCM is specifically designed to help people who serve the Lord do so with increased linguistic abilities. Given the country’s recent shift from French to English, many Christian leaders are scrambling to retain their voice in an ever-developing society.

The NCM agriculture program seeks to honor the Lord by helping our students to feed their families well, to care for the land and livestock and to use their profits wisely.

Everyone goes through periods of difficulty and trouble and we recognize that at times those experiences can lead to long-term problems. NCM’s counseling ministry is designed to help anyone in the community – not just NCM students – through these difficult seasons of life.