Preach the Word

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Preach the Word (PTW) is a two-year course in expository Bible reading and teaching. In PTW, students study various books of the Bible and explore principles for reading, interpreting and preaching within each biblical genre (such as Old Testament, Epistles, Wisdom Literature, etc.). Students are also encouraged to apply and pass on what they have learned within their own context. PTW has classes two weekends each month (Friday from 5:30-9 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am – 1 pm).

Mid-week activities include Ladies Fellowship and Men’s Fellowship Bible studies. These programs are a platform for furthering Bible handling skills learned over the weekend, but they also function as discipleship training which emphasizes passing on what they have learned. These fellowships have led to development of Bible study materials specifically suited to the Rwandan context and translated into Kinyarwanda so they can be widely used.

Another mid-week program is the preaching class, which provides a safe environment for students to practice and develop their preaching skills. One by one, students present outlines and short sermons, while the rest listen, take notes and then provide honest critique and constructive feedback. Then they are encouraged to go out to their own churches and communities to faithfully preach and teach the good news of Jesus Christ.

PTW is more than a training course – it is a family with a strong emphasis on discipleship and living life alongside the students. We desire to encourage and build up the Church in Rwanda through faithful Bible exposition and application. Our ultimate hope is that God would use PTW students to share the good news of Jesus Christ, not only in Rwanda but in other nations as well.