Agricultural Demonstration Program

Agricultural Demonstration Program2017-12-05T23:25:43-06:00

Many of our PTS students only have enough food for 9-10 months of the year, and as a result, their families struggle with health problems due to malnutrition. The NCM agriculture program seeks to honor the Lord by helping our students to feed their families well, to care for the land and livestock and to use their profits wisely.

The difficulty with agriculture in Rwanda is not necessarily a lack of techniques, but rather an unwillingness to change from old, ingrained patterns of farming. We teach simple and practical techniques that are scientifically proven to increase crop yield and livestock health, and then link these techniques with spiritual applications. We seek to encourage our students to view their crops, livestock and family’s health as spiritual responsibilities. Showing our students differences in crop health and yield, as well as increased production of livestock helps to challenge the long-standing thought patterns that have driven the way they farm. We hope to see a thriving Rwandan agriculture system, so we encourage these church leaders to share what they have learned with their churches and communities.