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CLIR is a bachelor’s degree level program that is uniquely focused on preparing Christian leaders for Rwanda and the surrounding region.  The purpose of CLIR is to provide a transformational discipleship-based education that will train Christian leaders to think clearly about Scripture, to be grounded in their Christian faith and to be able to fulfill the calling that God has upon their lives. Our goal is to develop Christian leaders who will have an impact upon the health and growth of the Church in Rwanda, Africa and throughout the world.

We provide a high-quality academic experience with an emphasis on practicality. At the same time, we create a space where God can work deep transformation in the lives of our students. The evidence for this powerful change is found in the testimonies of our students themselves.

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I joined CLIR in January 2017 after just a year in full-time ministry. In many ways, I felt I needed to grow in my relationship with Christ in order for me to help others as a leader. My husband and I are worship leaders and we lead a team of about 100 volunteers who serve in Worship and Creative Arts.  We felt the need to go and study because we knew we needed to be empowered in that area. Since joining, I have not only grown spiritually because every class has been life transforming, but I have also made new friends but especially mentors in the area of ministry. I am so so blessed to have been given this opportunity to also study at LBC through CLIR because now am at the end of my studies and I feel more equipped to do ministry.

CLIR classes are very practical rather than theoretical.  The classes are really interactive and the instructors themselves are simply amazing. I have found family in Rwanda through CLIR and I would not hesitate to challenge anyone out there who desires to grow spiritually and be equipped to serve God better to come to CLIR.  The fees are very reasonable and the experience is so refreshing. I would recommend other worship leaders like myself from different churches here in Rwanda. Leading worship teams requires deep grounding in scripture. I would also recommend the different ministry leaders, elders and church leaders like myself. I would encourage churches to invest in their leaders by equipping them for the work of ministry.

Maya Lamberte Nzeyimana

Studying at CLIR for me was a divine blessing that contributed to a plus knowledge of the biblical word, and to obtain the abilities to identify the wrong preaching or teaching which does not emphasizing the truth.

CLIR provided the learning of the word to know about God’s purpose and opinion for my life, understanding the text of scriptures as the guidelines of my life, and acquiring biblical methods to apply for life changing and for better work of ministry.I have come to understand the word of God with his purpose for my life in knowing and using my gifts for service with confidence.

In particular, the courses of Christians Leadership and Self Leadership pointed out clearly to me that it was possible to be transformed by the truth and the Spirit of the Lord took me to start a journey of changing into a believer that has desired to resemble Christ.

Becoming a CLIR student is to gain enlightenment fully packaged about directions and will of God for life to believers.

Annick Ahirwe

There are many challenges that make me grow in CLIR, some of them are mentioned below,

The first day I thought things will be easy because I had already finished with my first degree in economics but this was very different not only in my faculty, but also the standard of both universities were not the same. It is a great opportunity and privilege to study in CLIR, many universities and schools in my time were not motivating students to read books, it is was not easy for me to read books, but now am privileged that I can read.  This has really inspired me to love to read this remains me of suitable books that I will never forget that I read during my stay in CLIR, it was awesome books and helpful for anyone who desire to became Christ disciple. The program was reallly well arranged and very intentional in growing spiritual maturity and knowledge from the first course to the last.

Before I was not sure for my spiritual gift, but after working with different teachers and tools that were provided this has helped me to discover that am good preacher and leader, this has enable me to work in my church. Hermeneutics, preaching and teaching those are the course which are very helpful to anyone who is gifted in preaching. But one more important thing is extra time that were given to interact and to come close to know our teachers.

Today am really thankful that Christ opened doors not only in my Church but also in my Family, in my church I start a youth discipleship program from the age 18 to 23. Most of our youth are belong in this age, my goal is to see them grounded in scripture and reflecting Christ Image everywhere they are. Secondly In my Family we have stated family fellowship, we meet once per mouth sharing testimonies singing and sharing the Word of God, it was my prayer since I started  believing Christ as my savior though i didn’t know how it will work, I tried many times to bring together my family but I failed, after pursuing  different courses and mentorship especial with theological class teachers I come to realised that I was the problem because of my theological background which was a barrier between me and them I thank The lord who have been connecting me with Christian leadership institute of Rwanda my life has changed and am more positive effective than before.

Finally After spending three years in Christian Leadership institute I came to realised that the problem we have in churches is not because the leaders don’t have the degree in theology but their life is not transformed and being mentored which is the most important. That’s why am very excited to motivate different Christian leaders in different churches and others domain in Rwanda and outside Rwanda to join CLIR.

Thank you

Jean Bosco Zirimwabagabo

Dear all brothers and sisters,

My name is Justin Manirafasha Mugarura; I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  I thank God  for  his  grace he opened  for me  to study at “Christian  Leadership Institute  of Rwanda” (CLIR). I am from the community of the Eastern Congo Baptist churches. I am among the first fruits of this institution.

CLIR it’s a godly institution based on the evangelical principles. It has a purpose of training Christian’s leaders who can be able to transform their societies, communities, churches on the aspects that can contribute to build the strong kingdom of God. His course curriculum allows it to shape the mind, the hearts, and behavior of his students and help the students to get a volume of knowledge of God’s ministry.  CLIR operate as the Bible College and offer the ordinary bachelor degree in Christian Leadership after completing 90 credits because it does not yet have accreditation from the government but, it offers you the opportunity of continuing with your university studies in one of the university around the world which are in parterneship with it. For instance, I and some of my classmate are now studying   online at South Africa Theological Seminary in the program of Bachelor degree of Theology with honors.

Seeing  his  positive impact on  our  calling in God’s ministry, especially, in our personal understanding  of  what is the Christian leadership, I would love to  inform all of our brothers and sisters  who have a true  God’s calling  that  this institution cover all mediums to shape you in order to be a good   Christian leader. It is really a great opportunity that God has allowed to open here in central of Africa such evangelical Bible institute.

My deep wish to write to you is to share with you  this few testimonies  that I have seen and lived  personally at CLIR  during  the period of three years that I spend with different lectures and  my classmates  so that you may  have an overview of  ClIR in order to make your decision of being among the future  students  within this  school.

May God helps and bless you.

Justin Manirafasha Mugarura

CLIR has been a place that I made my salvation sure. Coming into CLIR was not a plan that I wished to follow. However, three years down the line I am grateful that I took this journey. It was not easy, though. The challenge was to undo what I believed before in regards to my faith. I remember very well, I came to CLIR after fourteen years of my walk with the Lord. This made me think that I knew it all in the walk with God. I had travelled places preaching the gospel. I looked at some the video of me sharing and I shocked by what I heard. I was propagating heresy unknowingly. Now I know how to read the Bible and exegete from it rather than imposing on the Bible. Hermeneutics was the highlight of my study at CLIR. I now read the Bible with an understanding that God spoke to his people back then before I apply it today. My life has truly changed in my approach to the Word and I sense that I am more rich spiritually.

CLIR also gave me clear glimpse of what a family is. It is through CLIR that I learned a lot about God’s role in the family. The bigger picture is the essence of glorifying him as a couple.  Marriage is reflection the bride and the groom, a picture of Jesus coming to take the church which is the bride with him to heaven. I learned that my first ministry is my family, the church follows. It is through this that I have understood God call in my life and my role as a father.

Serving in Rwanda led me to CLIR. The fact that I had served God in different parts of the world, I felt I needed to be equipped to serve better this generation. My journey began in February 2013 when I landed in Kigali following my calling to serve the young people of Rwanda. I felt it was going well with discipleship and leading small group. However, there was one thing that kept coming in my heart. This thing kept nudging me that I need to be well equipped for the journey ahead. I took a step of coming to CLIR, and that was a trajectory of my learning experience. I began changing things around in the way I teach the Word, the way I handle my team, the way I look at leadership, the way I view my faith, the way I view the lost and the way I approach people of different religions. Today I lead a team of 70 leaders at my church and youth service that has close to 200 teenagers. These are young people who a making impact in this nation. I am also in charge of spiritual life at one of the schools that has 71 teachers and more than 1000 students. It is evidence that my leadership capacity has grown in the past three and a half years.

CLIR is definitely the right place to be for theology studies and leadership equipment. The only way to get out of heresy is to allow yourself to be challenged in what you believe. “You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32).

David Okeyo

My name is Justin, I studied in CLIR since 2015.

Studying at CLIR has not only equipped me with knowledge of correctly handling scripture but also the skills to develop my area of gifting for discipleship ministries. It has also provided materials to use in my discipleship ministry among staff at Youth for Christ.

At CLIR, even though Bible knowledge is very essential, heart change and personal transformation have been the ultimate focus of all the instructors.

Relationships between students and instructors has been the most important thing I enjoyed at CLIR in my journey of following Jesus.

Justin Birangwa