Counseling Services

Counseling Services2017-12-05T12:47:10-06:00

Everyone goes through periods of difficulty and trouble and we recognize that at times those experiences can lead to long-term problems. NCM’s counseling ministry is designed to help anyone in the community – not just NCM students – through these difficult seasons of life. It operates on a sliding scale for payment, as we do not want anyone to be unable to access counseling due to lack of funds.

Our Director of Counseling, Eric Flaa, has training and experience in the US and has focused on issues with anxiety and depressive thinking. If you are interested in exploring counseling services, please contact him via phone call or SMS at 0783810854. If all of our time slots are full, please consider Live Again Rwanda. More information can be found

Please note that the counseling ministry at NCM is not psychiatric care. If you require medication for treating a psychiatric illness, please continue to meet with your psychiatrist. Counseling can benefit those with psychiatric illnesses, but it is most effective in coordination with a trained psychiatrist.